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Skidmore College
Disability and Accessibility Services

Student Access Services

Skidmore is proud to employ a coordinator of student access services, who works as a member of the SAS team to ensure that eligible students are provided accommodations necessary to obtain full access to all Skidmore programs and activities. We are pleased to provide this web resource to incoming and current students as a guide to the services available to students with disabilities and the policies and procedures for applying for and implementing accommodations at Skidmore College. Students are encouraged to contact the coordinator, Meg Hegener, with questions or concerns related to the application process or the services available at Skidmore to students with disabilities.

Another essential member of our SAS team is our Assistant Coordinator of Student Access Services, Alicia Sullivan.  Alicia provides vital individualized academic support for students, particularly self-identified students with disabilities and English Language Learners (ELLs).  Her work includes assisting students to develop learning strategies, planning for assignments, and guidance regarding student progression to degree completion.  Students are welcome to contact Alicia via email here or schedule an appointment here.